TorqueMaster Replacement Springs

To order Wayne Dalton OEM Original & Plus springs, click the image that represents the type of winder you have. Then you will be able to select springs by door weight, model number or tube number. Once you find the price for your spring or springs, you can follow the links to our shopping cart. If you have questions before buying, or if you prefer to purchase over the phone, please contact us. On our DIY tutorial page you'll find our


Pictured above is the original TorqueMaster spring system. These springs are wound with a drill. The bolt turns a worm gear that turns the main drive gear. The counter wheel shows the number of turns on the spring.



Pictured above is the newer TorqueMaster Plus spring system. These springs are wound with a 5/8" socket wrench. The winders use a ratcheting mechanism to hold the tension, and there is no dial for counting the number of turns. Installers mark the socket with tape or magic marker and count the number of turns while winding the springs.


How to Order TorqueMaster Springs

In order to find the correct springs, you will need to examine your garage door and gather some information. You may need help for part of the process.

Determine Winder Type

The most critical information you need to determine is whether you have the TorqueMaster One Original system or the TorqueMaster II Plus system. If your torsion springs were installed prior to 1997, you have the original standard TorqueMaster One springs. If your garage door is newer, you may have the TorqueMaster II Plus system.

The difference between the two systems is determined by examining the winder. The original TorqueMaster system uses gears, they are wound with a drill and a 7/16" socket or nut driver, and there is a round wheel with numbers from zero to 20 that records the number of turns on the springs. The newer TorqueMaster II plus system uses a ratcheting system and the springs are wound with a 5/8" socket wrench. The number of turns is determined by marking the socket and counting as the spring is wound.

After you determine the type of winder you have, you can decide whether you would like to order springs by door dimensions and weight, door model number and size, or by the tube number.

Order by Door Dimensions and Weight

The first option for ordering TorqueMaster springs is to order by door weight. You will also need to determine the door width and height.

The best way to determine the width and height is with a tape measure. Measure the width of your door, the distance from the right to the left side, and measure the height of your door, the distance from the floor to the top of the door.

The best way to determine the door weight is by checking the sticker on the tube. The more accurate weights are expressed with two decimal points, such as 125.46 pounds. Round numbers such as 150, 200 or 225 are not reliable weights. Also, bear in mind that when new doors are installed, sometimes the wrong spring tubes are installed on the door. If you know your door worked fine in the past this was probably not a problem.

You can also determine the door weight using an analog scale. Digital scales are not reliable no matter how many times you get the same reading because it often takes 20 seconds or longer for the door to settle on the scale. If you have trouble lifting the garage door, or if you cannot lift it yourself, have someone help you. Do not use the opener to lift the door, as you may damage the opener or the door.

Please note that in order to weigh the door, both cables must be loose. You may need to unwind your unbroken spring to loosen both cables and get a reliable reading of your door weight. The opener needs to be disengaged from the door and the arm should be removed to eliminate interference while weighing the door. More information on how to weigh a garage door is on our DIY instructions page.

Order by Door Model Number and Size

A second way to order springs for your door is to locate the model number and to measure the width and height of the door as shown above.

The model number is often printed on a sticker on the sections, tracks or on the tube. You'll be looking for numbers such as 8000, 8100, 8200, 9100, 9600, Foamcore II (FC II), or Thermo wayne 36, 37 or 38.

Order by Tube Number

The third way to order springs is by the spring sizes on the tube. Usually there is a sticker on the tube just above the left end of the door, but often it is at the right end of the tube. Sometimes it is necessary to turn the shaft to see the sticker. One way to do this is to open the door a few inches. You can also view the sticker and take a picture of it with your cell phone.