Garage Door Tune Up Inland Empire

Garage Door Tune Up Inland Empire

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Garage Door Tune Up

We recommend giving your garage door a 10 step Inspection to keep it functioning properly.  Garage Doors vibrate with daily use and will work nuts and bolts loose over time.  Every 3-6 months depending on cycle use, give your garage door a visual for gaps or cracked pins in hinges or wobbly or worn rollers.  These two areas can cause catastrophic damage to your garage door, garage door opener and possibly worse.  Look above the door opening for Torsion Springs, or other form of counterbalance.  Garage Door Springs become tired, stretched, worn, cracked and rusted over their lifespan and are due to replace every 7 years on average depending on daily cycle use or cycle life.  Is your garage door clunking or your garage door opener vibrating itself off the ceiling?  Call us out for a quick inspection and tune-up and get back to your day.  We are quick and punctual.  

The Deal

$29 for a garage-door tune-up with a 20-point inspection ($134.95 value) 

  • Check and adjust the torque and travel settings on the garage-door opener 
  • Lubricate springs, rollers, door hinges, and bearings 
  • Clean and check the safety eyes 
  • Evaluate the condition of the bottom, top, and side seals
  • Includes 20 minutes of labor (tune-ups normally take 15-20 minutes)

$79 for a garage-door tune-up with roller replacement ($209.95 value)

  • Includes 30 minutes of labor (tune-ups with roller replacement normally take 20-30 minutes)
  • In addition to the tune-up and inspection services listed above, technicians replace the old roller with one complete set of up to 10 ball-bearing nylon rollers.

Standard labor rates apply for any additional work needed past the included time.


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